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Camunda is an open source platform for workflow and business process automation. It executes BPMN 2.0, is very light-weight and scales like hell.


Currently v7.2.0 · Released in November 2014

Workflow without Pain.

Camunda is written in Java and a perfect match for Java EE and Spring while providing a powerful REST API and script language support. You can use camunda BPM for system integration workflows as well as for human workflow and case management.


You can add camunda to your Java application as a library. You can also use it as a container service in Tomcat, JBoss etc., so it can be used by multiple applications which can be redeployed without shutting down the process engine.


Camunda's core is a slim, rock-solid process engine that can easily handle huge amounts of process instances. It allows you to separate runtime data from history data, is horizontally scalable and can easily run in a cluster.


Never fear workflow again, for you will love Camunda. We took the pain out of workflow and turned it into something beautiful. Seriously.

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Trusted by global Players.

Camunda is a battle-proven platform for mission-critical business processes. Some of the biggest companies in the world and most trusted public institutions rely on camunda.

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Backed by a strong Team and Community.


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Enterprise Support available.

"The transition to the BPM world succeeded without any problems. Not least, this is due to the excellent project support provided by Camunda from over 10,000 km away and across 6 time zones." (Allianz Indonesia)

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