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Camunda Features


Core Engine

The core of Camunda BPM is a model execution engine that supports the OMG standards BPMN 2.0 for process automation, CMMN 1.1 for case management and DMN 1.1 for decision management.

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Camunda BPM ships with a set of applications to help you model, execute and administer process applications running on the Camunda core engine.

Those applications interact with the core engine's public REST API. You can also create your own applications that may also use the core engine's public Java API.

Applications Overview


Business Analysts and Developers create executable BPMN process diagrams and DMN decision tables.

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End Users use Tasklist to organize and work on tasks they are supposed to complete.

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Operators use Cockpit to inspect running and completed process instances and take care of incidents.

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Administrators use Admin to manage your users, organize them in groups and grant permissions.

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If you already have a third-party BPMN modeler, you can use Cycle to integrate it with Camunda BPM.

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Custom Application

You can seamlessly integrate your own applications with Camunda BPM components.

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