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Camunda Features

Operate Processes and Decisions

Operators use Cockpit to inspect running and completed process instances and take care of incidents.

An operator can be a technical person, like a system administrator or DevOps engineer, but it can also be someone working in a business department. Because of that, Cockpit is highly customizable which allows you to create a tailored tooling, or even different versions of Cockpit for specific use cases and user groups.

Besides process instances, operators can also inspect completed decision instances and change DMN decision tables on the fly ("Live Editing").

Cockpit also provides analytics about your processes which allows you to establish a Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) and create KPI reports.

This section highlights a few features of Cockpit.

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BPMN Processes


The Dashboard is the entry point of Camunda Cockpit. You can manage your deployments and see which processes are currently in a green or red state. You can extend the dashboard with additional plugins.


Process Definition View

Provides an overview about a BPMN process, including all running process instances and their current status. You can define filters to find particular instances and select them for further inspection.


Process History

You can inspect all completed process instances, including a detailed audit log that covers all executed activities, involved users and timestamps. A heatmap shows which activities have been executed most often.

Documentation BPMN Heatmap

Process Instance View

Displays the current status, variable values and more of a particular BPMN process instance. You can add or change variables, cancel the process instance or retry jobs that have failed.

Documentation Handle Failed Jobs


You can change the status of a running process instance. For example, you can "move" the token in a drag and drop fashion to another step in the process, that could be downstream as well as upstream.

Documentation Screencast (GIF)


You can partially or completely suspend processes. This immediately prevents any further execution which allows you to undertake necessary fixes and then resume the execution.

Documentation Blog Post

DMN Decisions

Decision Definition View

Displays the DMN decision table that will be applied whenever a decision instance is executed. It also lists all decision instances that have been executed already, including the process instance that invoked them.


Decision Instance View

Lets you inspect a particular decision that has been made, i.e. an executed decision instance. You can see the input data and resulting output data, as well as the rules (i.e. decision table rows) that have applied.


Live Editing

You can update decision definitions on the fly. This means you can change DMN decision tables using Cockpit, immediately affecting all further decision instances, without an explicit application deployment.



Appearance and Plugins

You can change the logo and colors of Camunda Cockpit and adjust it to your corporate design. You can also extend it with your own plugins, or remove existing plugins to restrict possible actions.

Configuration Cockpit Plugins


You can create additional reports and add them as custom plugins, for example to the Cockpit Dashboard. There are also reporting plugins provided by the Camunda community.

Statistics Plugin (Community)

LDAP ready

You can integrate Camunda with your active directory or other LDAP compliant user management system. When end users log into Cockpit, they will be authenticated against that user management system.