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Power your Application with Camunda

It is a very common use case to enhance existing applications with Camunda. For example, if are an ISV (Independant Software Vendor), and you want to offer BPMN, CMMN or DMN features as part of your product.

Here are some typical examples of what you can offer in your own user interface, when embedding Camunda:

  • A task management console
  • A dashboard displaying realtime information about ongoing processes or cases
  • BPMN or DMN visualizations with application specific annotations
  • Editing BPMN diagrams or DMN decision tables, e.g. for product customization. This can also include reusable components that you add to the modeling palette.

Technically, you integrate your application with the Camunda Engine via REST or directly in Java, if your application is written in Java as well. For use cases like product customization (i.e. let users allow to edit BPMN or DMN), you would embed the Javascript libraries behind the Camunda Modeler in your own web application.

If you are an ISV (independant software vendor) and considering to leverage Camunda, feel free to contact us. We have helped many ISV to get the best out of Camunda by entering successful OEM agreements.

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Software Vendors powered by Camunda

Software for telecommunication providers

CENX is a US Corporation with key operations in Canada, the UK and Hong Kong. Privately held, customers include global tier 1 service providers and leading cloud data centers, including 2 of the top 4 US mobile operators. Through its work at the MEF and ETSI NFV, CENX plays a leading role in the definition of Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO) standards and adoption.
Testimonial: We were looking for a BPMN engine to complement business process management capabilities within our Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO) products. After assessing a number of candidates we selected Camunda due to its flexibility and ease-of-use, as well as the ability to seamlessly integrate it within our CENX LSO offerings. From a commercial relationship point of view, Camunda was very responsive and easy to do business with.

Software for chambers of industry and commerce

The IHK-GfI is the joint technology- and competency-center for service-oriented business- and e-government applications for all of the 80 regional chambers of industry and commerce in Germany as well as their umbrella organization, the German chamber of industry and commerce in Berlin.
Testimonial: We chose Camunda BPM for our product "EVA case management", as it benefits from several significant advantages over other open source projects, like the seamless integration with Java EE, the multi tenancy support and an improved management of asynchronous jobs. We also benefit from the extensive BPM experiences and competences from Camunda as a partner.

Software for insurance companies

Hannover RE SE (in German: Hannover Rück SE) is a listed reinsurance company headquartered in Hanover, Germany, with a majority owned by the Talanx group. It was founded in 1966 as the ATR (Aktiengesellschaft für Transport- und Rückversicherung) and with a gross premium of around €14.0 billion it is the third-largest reinsurance company in the world.
Testimonial: We embed Camunda BPM into one of our own software products. This way, we can provide a real added value in workflow management to our customers. We chose Camunda BPM as the product is very lightweight, flexible and very easy to integrate, while offering a powerful BPM feature stack.

Software for the food industry

iTradeNetwork is the leading provider of supply chain management and intelligence solutions to the food industry. Today, we are proud to call more than 8,000 companies from across the food industry our customers.
Testimonial: We evaluated a lot of BPM Products including Camunda before making a final decision. We reviewed every product from many angles such as: pricing model, maturity, documentation, supportability, flexibility, etc. and Camunda definitely won this completion. Their personal responsiveness, openness and interest played a significant role, too.

Software for the pharmaceutical industry

Sparta Systems maintains an extensive customer base in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biotechnology, CROs, consumer products, electronics manufacturing and other highly regulated industries. The company offers its customers a complete global quality management software solution, including the onsite solutions delivery support required throughout the project lifecycle.