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Camunda BPM 7.7 is scheduled for May 31, 2017.

Below you can find the features we plan to implement. We do not have a long-term roadmap, but a vision that drives our roadmap decisions.

This roadmap is focused on the future. Check out our release notes for what we have accomplished so far. For questions and feedback please use our forum. We always welcome additional contributors, see How to Contribute.

Camunda BPM platform

The Camunda BPM platform has a release cycle of 6 months. The next release Camunda BPM 7.7 is scheduled for May 31, 2017.

CE/EE tells you if the specific feature will be available with the free community edition (CE) or the commercial enterprise edition (EE) of Camunda BPM.

Status will turn from "in progress" to "completed" when the feature has been implemented. It might be available with an Alpha-release already.

Priority Topic Component CE/EE Status Release
1 IBM WAS 9 Support Engine EE done 7.7
2 External Tasks History Engine CE done 7.7
3 External Tasks History Monitoring Cockpit EE done 7.7
4 Metrics Drill Down Cockpit EE done 7.7
5 More secure passwords Cockpit, Tasklist, Admin CE done 7.7
6 Minor Facelift for webapps Cockpit, Tasklist, Admin CE done 7.7
7 Batch Process Instance Modification (API) Engine CE done 7.7
8 History Cleanup Engine CE in progress 7.7
9 Support for Postgres 9.6 Engine CE done 7.7
10 Support for MySQL 5.7 Engine CE done 7.7
11 Security Descriptions Documentation CE in progress 7.7

Kanban Board for Camunda BPM

Camunda Modeler

The Camunda Modeler is under continuous improvement and therefore released every few months. There are no pre-scheduled release dates.

Priority Topic
1 Keep Attributes after morph & copy
2 Default Element Templates
3 Drop on Flows for existing elements
4 Improved XML Search
5 Share in Web Modeler
6 Modeling of Groups
7 DMN Improvements

Kanban Board for