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Beautiful BPM

The Vision behind Camunda

What's driving Camunda

Our development follows a public roadmap. That roadmap is short-term, you won't find anything in there that goes beyond the next 6-12 months.

However, we have a vision for Camunda BPM that drives our roadmap decisions. Here you can find our vision's main elements.

BPM helps you creating a better world.

There are many definitions for Business Process Management (BPM), some of them very cumbersome.

For us, BPM is simply good for scaling up your business by supporting the geniuses in your organization with additional structure, where appropriate.

A "genius" is any human being working in your organization. Possible examples for "structure" are automated tasks, procedures and decision criteria. When applied appropriately, those elements improve your genuises' productivity without restraining their creativity and motivation.

This will help your organization to create more value and thus contribute to a better world.

Developers and Business Users should hug at least once per day.

In Chinese philosophy, yin and yang describes how apparently opposite or contrary forces are actually complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world, and how they give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another. Wikipedia

We think this is also the best possible description for the relationship between business people and software developers.

Many BPM vendors promise magic toolsets that allow business users to create core business process applications without software developers. Those promises are hollow, and anyone who makes them is a modern pied piper of Hamelin. We have seen those vendors playing the flute in organizations that have a dysfunctional relationship between business and IT. The decision makers hoped that they could get more independant from their own software developers. This is a fundamental mistake, and giving in to that idea will bring you nothing but grief, pain and suffering.

Camunda follows a different concept, that we call developer-friendly BPM, while achieving business-friendlines, too. In fact, our own developers and business users live up to that idea by hugging several times per day, which is a huge lie but makes a great story. In truth, all major product decisions that we've made can be related to this idea, for example:

  • Keeping the core engine very lightweight (below 3 MB)
  • Not forcing model driven development for all aspects of process implementation
  • Investing huge efforts in a BPMN-CMMN-DMN modeler that is super-easy to use, for anyone
  • Allowing business users to rapidly change certain elements of a process application, e.g. live editing of DMN decision tables.
  • Providing realtime monitoring that is not just about charts, but displays data as model annotations (e.g. a BPMN Heatmap)

In our vision, Camunda BPM is not just about "business-IT-alignment", but the yin and yang of business application development.

And hugging.

Building the next generation of BPM technology.

It's probably safe to say that the Camunda Engine is freaking fast and scales like hell.

But that's not enough.

The world is being digitalized, and this creates tremendous challenges on how we do messaging. Sending a message from A to B is easy, but correlating messages for implementing the bigger picture (i.e. the business process) is - in the world of tomorrow - a Herculean task.

We do not have a long-term roadmap, but we have the vision and the ability to meet this challenge.

Stay tuned.